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Hanoulle 2021

Our life in 2021

After the birth of our daughter in 2007, I started sharing New Year wishes in a little video. Creating such a video is both one of the nicest and hardest parts of the year. It's nice because it forces me to look back at all the pictures we took. Automatically it makes me reflect on our past year. It's hard because I always try to... Read more >
G talking remote to her father...

How can we make hybrid meetings work?

During covid-19 lockdown many people discovered a version of remote working for the first time. I say a version because people that have been doing remote work for years all say the same thing, this version of remote work was different. Companies called it Working From Home, yet it felt much more “Living At The Office”.  I don’t know when we will have beaten covid... Read more >

Self publishing a paper book

10 years ago I discovered Leanpub that allowed me to publish e-books. Ever since I published lots of books. It started with Who is agile, which turned into a whole series of books of local Who is agile in xyz. I never had the intention to turn these books into paper books. I loved the fact I could get feedback from real readers. (who had... Read more >
The youthclub prepared for a party

The pre party

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the after-party. After I published that story, I realized there is also the pre-party. Or Pre as my kids call that these days. Yes, my kids are teenagers these days; hence many of my metaphors come from that part of life. When my kids and their friends will go out to a party, they meet at one of... Read more >

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