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Second recording Who is agile

After the problems I had with lagging for the first recordings, I decided that for the second recording (with Deepti Jain) that was the next morning I would have a quick try to fix the lagging with recording over skype, yet if that was not quickly fixed for that second recording I would swap the recording technique. 1 lessons learned: Never scheduled the first few... Read more >

First recordings for Who is agile done

Last night I did the first recording for Who is agile version edition. I have decided that I want to work out loud in how I'm doing this project. So let's share how I did do my set-up for this first recording. Local setup: OBS  The idea is that this allows me to do the recording in one go and be able to publish the... Read more >

Book for (aspiring) agile coaches

Book name Author Tip Coaching agile teams Lyssa Adkins This is the reference book for agile coaches, 10 years after it's release it's still brings me value. Agile Coaching Rachel Davies & Liz Sedley For me this is a book that I recommend for scrummasters that want to "up their game". Tip From The agile Trenches 89 people collected by YvesHanoulle I know I'm biased... Read more >

Who is agile video version

In 2010 I started a blog serie called who is agile. I made a lot of friends creating it, and I got to know other friends even better.  About a year later I turned it into an ebook on leanpub. And that one turned into a series of local country books. Where local teams are creating versions of these books with people from their country.... Read more >

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