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Taking the smallest increment to move forward, the learning kata that Oz used to improve his life…

Learn more about Oz Chihwayi: - on twitter: // - on LinkedIn // We talked about: - Moving countries - Setting up a datacenter in South-Africa - Learning to run ate age 34 - What is the smallest increment I can take to move forward? - Learning by doing, the #kata way of learning - Battering to deal with hyper #inflation - English being the default language at... Read more >

The difference of being introverting vs being shy David & Glaudia #WhoIsagile #WIa45

Glaudia & David where invited by Kenji Hiranabe We talked about: - The difference of being introverting vs being #shy - Not being good at on the spot thinking - Working with your partner - The power of the junior - Outgoing introverts - Introvertions and picking up the phone - E-mail give introverts the time to respond when they are ready - Not jumping to invitations... Read more >

Bevan Williams on achieving his goal of speaking at conferences #WhoIsagile #WIa044

#Interview with Bevan Williams for the #video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa044) Bevan was invited by Khwezi Mputa We talked about: -Living as a non obvious person of color - Being asked not to use his brain - Bevan, you read too much... - Going to Agile Alliance in Orlando in 2017 - how that inspired him to become a conference speaker - Scrum Alliance gathering - ALE20xx conferences - work-life balance vs work-life integration -... Read more >

Nono discusses body’s language differences between school and home… #WhoIsagile #WIa043

#Interview with Nono Donsa for the #video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa043) Nono was invited by Khwezi Mputa We talked about jim mccarthy: when you tolerate it, you insist on it. Maximum size of a whatsapp group is 1024 Kenji Hiranabe Nona is replaceable at work, but not at home. Different #bodylanguage at school and at home Books we discussed: Betting on a darkie (Mteto Nyati) Adapting agile across borders (Glaudia Califano, David Spinks) New... Read more >

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