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Books on Money

While I was studying, I was living of welfare. Meaning I had 375 euro's a month to pay rent, food, my studies (I the first year of IT, without a computer, I could only afford one my second year.) That ment I had to learn how to deal with money and age 19, while most of my friends where still living at home. When they... Read more >

What is the difference between a hard drive and memory of a computer

When I worked as a software support engineer, I noticed that many people had a difficulty understanding the difference between a hard drive and memory. I tried many different metaphors. Let me share the one that stuck with me even 25 years later The hard drive of your computer is like the library in your study (bedroom): The bigger it is, the more books and... Read more >
Achieve results

Books on OKR’s

The last years, the big companies see advantages of agile, and they want to scale that. Yet a big part of that solution is to focus as a whole company onto the same goal. OKRs (Objective & Key Results) are a helpful tool to help a company to focus. Just like agile, its  looks like a fad from the last year, and just like agile,... Read more >

Books on System Thinking

Everything is connected. And thus when we want to do an agile transformation, it's good to have an understanding of Systems Thinking. So I asked for books around it on twitter. Book name Author Tip Thinking in systems Donella Meadows Jo Van Eyck The systems bible John Gall Jo Van Eyck The fifth discipline Peter Senge Jo Van Eyck, Viktor Grgic QSM volume1 (Systems Thinking... Read more >

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