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My ideas are worth nothing

I love communities and I love open source This means that when I start ideas, I always try to create a community around it and see if I can make the results open source. Yet next to that, I try to support communities, open-source projects that I see and like. How that usually works, is that I start using a product. Really using it, like... Read more >

The most invasive thing we can do is ask a question… Kwasi Owusu-Asomaning (Who Is agile EP 014)

We talked about his experience from living in difference countries, how speaking multiple languages helps him understanding different cultures, especially for him when coaching agile culture. We would love to read your idea's and experiences in the youtube comments. The dream jobs for our parents. (And again something to read your experiences) Some quote's: It is quite meditative The thing we use when we want... Read more >

Why Elena Vassilieva has a daily meeting with herself

In episode 013 of Who is agile, I talk with Elena Vassilieva Elena combines agile coaching with making documentaries. You might think oh nice she has an interesting hobby project going one... Well not exactly, one of her documentaries won a price the festival of Cannes.. Why do you need to see this interview? Elena does a daily meeting with herself. I think many people... Read more >

It’s hard to explain how salt tastes: Who is agile 012 with Jason Yip

In episode 012 of Who is agile I have a chat with Jason Yip I love this conversation, Jason really made me think and our conversation has already changed how I talk as an agile coach. - We discussing talking about using salt with someone who has never tasted it and how this is similar to talking about agile. (Reminds me also of the episode... Read more >

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