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Creating an inclusive world

For me 2020 that made it very visible for everyone that we live in a structural racist world, that puts non-white people at a disadvantage. yes, I had non-white friends my whole life, with some of which I witnessed and discussed the racism they encountered. Yet I'm also very much aware that I was still living a very lucky and privileged life. Although we were... Read more >

Books on retrospective

Regular readers of my blog, they know I consider retrospectives a core aspect of any team. I'm convinced that not everything in the agile world, works in all worlds, I have yet to find a team that does not benefit from doing a retrospective. Over the years, we have seen a lot of book and resources for retrospectives. Today I realized that although I have... Read more >
technical tests

Interview kanban: Prioritized discussing topics.

A few days ago my twitter friend Jason Gorman tweeted : It made me think about the interviewing process. One of the stories I heard growing up, is that my father did not like to do job interviews. As a result he only worked at a few places. So when I started to work, I told myself: I want to like job interviews and I... Read more >
My personal warroom

Distributed planning (from home)…

Back in 2005, a few months into working at my first gig as -what we now call- agile coach, we started to collaborate with a team in Yekaterinaburg. At that time all the agilists I knew, told me, working agile remotely could not work. And yet here I was, skyping multiple hours a day, with a colleague in Russia. And it worked.  (A few months... Read more >

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