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Dinner with a peer

In 2011 I learned about the concept of dinner with as stranger. At ALE2011, the organizing sofa of the dinner party had a few month to organize a large dinner party for an unknown number of participants (it was the first time of the conference) . The concept of dinner with a stranger was their solution. I love the concept. And when I love concepts,... Read more >

Happy new year 2017

Hi, We wish you a empathic 2017. This is the 11 year in a row we created a video version of our life. 2016 was a rollercoaster year. After we realized that the technical debt of our current home was too big, we decided to build a new one in our garden. We started building that house in 2016. To limit the projects in progress,... Read more >

introverts in an agile world

A few weeks ago at #ALE16 I gave a lighting talk to ask people to think about introverts in an agile world. Before I go into my idea’s I want to clarify what I consider an introvert. For me, an introvert is a person who gets energy from spending time alone. (Doing whatever she wants.) An extrovert is a person who gets energy from spending... Read more >

How a hug turned my biggest mistake into something I am proud of

Today it’s 25 years ago, that I did something that at first looked like my biggest mistake up till then. I was 19 years old and for the first time in my life, my parents were on holiday without me. I felt an adult. I had been living more or less on my own the year before at university. Although 1991, had been a tough... Read more >

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