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Khwezi comes as one and stands for thousands (WIa 035)

Who is #agile 035 with Khwezi Mputa Learn more about Khwezi: on twitter Linkedin We had a great conversation about: - Living the value of empathy - Making a difference in the life of people. - She comes as one yet you stand for thousands. Representing her for-fathers. - Receiving compliments   Books: Who is agile the book edition Leading the Empathic Agile Enterprise The Path made clear... Read more >

Doing things together is the best way to convey ideas… Kenji Hiranabe in who is agile 034

Who is agile 034 with Kenji Hiranabe We had a great conversation about: - starting agile back in 2004 - Receiving the Gordon Pask award and its 's celebration - Organising a conference in Japan right after Fukushima - invite the queen of fearless change to that conference - Data Science and lineair algebra - Educating/teaching - Community Translating books - Chalk talk - Doing things together is the best way... Read more >

Justyna Pindel is challenging herself to get rid of her fears ( Who is agile #WIA033 )

Who is #agile 033 with Justyna Pindel (check her Linkedin handle) We had a great conversation about: - Reducing pain in teams - Calculating cycle time when waiting in a line - the kind of #leadership she is not able to stand - Moving countires - challenging herself to get rid of fears - Learning to dive in Dutch - the feedback loop from Vinted - Quitting without a backup... Read more >

Download your thoughts on post it’s, to make room in your brain for new ideas #Wia32 Agustin Villena

Who is #agile 032 with Agustín Villena We had a great conversation about: - the start of the agile movement back in 1990'ties.. - teamwork in scouting and teamwork in the kitchen. - using normal language in our work - visualizing our work to help us empty our head Books (links on youtube): La revolución reflexiva (Humberto Maturana) Here is the elusive word that coined Humberto Maturana to describe... Read more >

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