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trust vs rules

I saw a tweet about Jutta’s #agile2019 experiment is trust cheaper. Nice experiment: is trust cheaper? @JuttaEckstein #Agile2019 #bossanova— Karen Greaves (@karen_greaves) August 5, 2019 I got a flash back to a x years (x to protect the innocents) I was working at a company where my manager, had a problem with 1, yes not a typo. One freelancer that was doing too many... Read more >

Will you help me…

In September 2014, I started as a (co)Lead-coach of CoderDojo Gent. I did this as a way to thank everyone who helped me throughout my career. I want to pay it forward and help children. In Februari 2016 I wrote a post about our experiment to start offering girls and boys tickets to our CoderDojo event. Read more >

We wish you warm connections in 2019

Our family wishes you warm connections in 2019, with everyone important to you. We prefer to do this by video. We started this serie of video's as in 2007, it was impossible to select only a few pictures to create a x-mas card. Yet over the years, it became a great way to look back on our life. In a world with smartphones where it's... Read more >

Deliberate action

Xpdays benelux is my crowd, my community. In 1998 in my spare time I created an screensaver that counted down to the year 2000. Now testing a screensaver is very boring. You have to compile the executable, rename in to .scr, copy it over to the windows system32 folder and wait. Wait for the screensaver to kick in, and then wait some more till the... Read more >

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