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Who is agile: Geepaw Hill

Some coaches are caught up in the rightness of their ideas. Geepawhill in Who Is agile episode 016

In today's episode of Who is agile (016 already), I talk with GeePaw Hill We talked about: - the dark place we currently live in (turned a lot darker this week if you ask me) - how he uses spikes without TDD - the importance of practising in theatre as in programming - quoting Kevlin Henney (I let you guess which of his famous quotes we used) -... Read more >

Why Linda Rising hangs around with younger people, and you should too

  In episode 015 of Who is agile, I talk with Linda Rising: why she likes to hang around younger people, and you should too... We talked about her experience of playing music during the pandemic and uniting people with it. We even talked briefly about playing music online, and some clever ways how to do this. System one and system two and how you can... Read more >

My ideas are worth nothing

I love communities and I love open source This means that when I start ideas, I always try to create a community around it and see if I can make the results open source. Yet next to that, I try to support communities, open-source projects that I see and like. How that usually works, is that I start using a product. Really using it, like... Read more >

The most invasive thing we can do is ask a question… Kwasi Owusu-Asomaning (Who Is agile EP 014)

We talked about his experience from living in difference countries, how speaking multiple languages helps him understanding different cultures, especially for him when coaching agile culture. We would love to read your idea's and experiences in the youtube comments. The dream jobs for our parents. (And again something to read your experiences) Some quote's: It is quite meditative The thing we use when we want... Read more >

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