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Conference feedback the way I like it…

Today Emilie tagged me in an answer to a tweet from Maria Kedemo I appreciate feedback but prefer qualitative feedback over quantitative. I don't know how to improve from a low score and I don't know what to keep from a high score. Is it content? Slides?Speach? How can we change this way of feedback to become more useful for speakers? — Maria Kedemo (@mariakedemo)... Read more >

We wish you a witty 2018

Our little family wished you (and your family / partner) a witty 2018. We do this traditionally by video. (I think after 10 years I can say it’s a tradition) We moved at the end of November 2017 to the minimum viable version of our new house. The MVH 1 contained features: heating and a place to sleep. (In our previous house our heating system died... Read more >

Dinner with a peer

In 2011 I learned about the concept of dinner with as stranger. At ALE2011, the organizing sofa of the dinner party had a few month to organize a large dinner party for an unknown number of participants (it was the first time of the conference) . The concept of dinner with a stranger was their solution. I love the concept. And when I love concepts,... Read more >

Happy new year 2017

Hi, We wish you a empathic 2017. This is the 11 year in a row we created a video version of our life. 2016 was a rollercoaster year. After we realized that the technical debt of our current home was too big, we decided to build a new one in our garden. We started building that house in 2016. To limit the projects in progress,... Read more >

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