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Interview kanban: Prioritized discussing topics.

A few days ago my twitter friend Jason Gorman tweeted : It made me think about the interviewing process. One of the stories I heard growing up, is that my father did not like to do job interviews. As a result he only worked at a few places. So when I started to work, I told myself: I want to like job interviews and I... Read more >
My personal warroom

Distributed planning (from home)…

Back in 2005, a few months into working at my first gig as -what we now call- agile coach, we started to collaborate with a team in Yekaterinaburg. At that time all the agilists I knew, told me, working agile remotely could not work. And yet here I was, skyping multiple hours a day, with a colleague in Russia. And it worked.  (A few months... Read more >

Resources for online working

Due to Covid-19, many of us are working from home. The first agile team I was helping, back in 2005, became a virtual team after a few months. As many of my agile friends told me, it could not work, I was very surprised to find out it did actually work. It was a good reminder to not stay in the agile box and look... Read more >

Definition of a great developer

A great developer: - is good at coding - understands business - knows the value of communication - thinks about her own limitations What am I missing? — Yves Hanoulle 🇪🇺 (@YvesHanoulle) January 29, 2020 I make tweets like this, because I know my agile friends won't let me down. I got a lot of great ideas. values simplicity (Added by Anthony Palumbi) values feedback... Read more >

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