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Emily Bache never stopped programming, as that is the fun part… #WhoIsagile #WIa59

#Interview with Emily Bache for the #video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa059) Emily was invited by Clare Sudbery (she/her) We talked about: - Working with #legacy code - How her husband influenced her #career. - Going to #conferences as a couple - Finding coding fun - She does not want to stop coding as that is the fun part. - Doing co-presentation - Having children that are not interested in programming - #Singing in choirs - Working as a musicians... Read more >

Empowering the client with a red button…

Some years ago I worked with a team that was doing continuous integration. We wanted to move to continuous deployment, yet we could not convince our client to do so. Although we could not install automatic, we did build a pipeline for our installation.  At that moment we did demos at the end of our sprints. When the demo was finished we asked the client... Read more >

Alexis Monville prefers impact over features #WhoIsagile #WIa058

#Interview with Alexis Monville for the #video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa058) We talked about: - what he learned from the #codereviews of his first boss - Cofinding a web company before the webs had really taken off - Why he prefer to focus on the #impact over the feature he delivers - Working while being in school. - Something I don't know how to do it, and then I work with other people and together... Read more >

Scarlett was doing agile before she knew about agile….

#Interview with Scarlett Sahota  for the #video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa057) We talked about: - Ignoring the people when going for an outcome - Not noticing the changes when they are happening. - When you point out things to #teenagers, they might not accept it right now, yet they do hear you. - Little things would stick. - It was #normal, but it was not everyone's normal. - Being the oldest and feeling... Read more >

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