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Book list for Product Owners

I'm working on a new workshop for Product Owners, called PO as a service. (The public version I hope to grow into PO Retreat) In the manual for this workshop, I added a list of books for Product Owners. yet I know I the best things are co-created with a community hence I tweeted: I'm creating a list of books for Product owners. What book... Read more >

(agile) transformations take time..

Last month at 10 years of devopsdays I was in a hallway or better an after-the-event-on-stage-in-the-massage-queue conversation about transformations, and while driving home I realized I have been talking a lot about that, yet never wrote that down. I see a lot of people these days claiming that transformations don’t work. I have a slightly different view on that. yes transformations are hard. yes, most... Read more >

Booklist agile 2019

From time to time, I go around at conferences and ask people about the books they read the last year, they want to advice others to read. Although this year I did not go to agile 2019, I thought, I can still make a similar list, yet now remote. I'm personally extreme happy with this list. I'm happy because this list contains so many books... Read more >

trust vs rules

I saw a tweet about Jutta’s #agile2019 experiment is trust cheaper. Nice experiment: is trust cheaper? @JuttaEckstein #Agile2019 #bossanova— Karen Greaves (@karen_greaves) August 5, 2019 I got a flash back to a x years (x to protect the innocents) I was working at a company where my manager, had a problem with 1, yes not a typo. One freelancer that was doing too many... Read more >

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