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Patrick Debois talks about changing the quality of life of others

#Interview with Patrick Debois for the #video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa042) We talked about - Listening to our bodies to avoid burning out - How he accidentally invented #devops - changing the #quality of life of others - Examples about learning - Historical knowledge - Bringing context for square zero - The balance between learning more vs too much - Earning his grey... Read more >

Alicia R McLain is doing agile coaching from within a house on wheels #WhoIsagile #WIa41

#Interview with Alicia R. McLain, MA, PCC R McLain for the video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa041) (invited by Diana Larsen - Leadership Agility Advisor) She has two YouTube Channels, link in the YT video Books we talked about - Positive intelligence (Shirzad Chamine ) - Untained - #Coaching agile teams (Lyssa Adkins) Other topics we discussed - Imposter Syndrome - Looking at your essence - Travelling to 22 countries - #YAGNI on a personal... Read more >

Aslam Khan is an accidental rolemodel #WIa040 #WhoIsagile

Who is #agile 040 with Aslam Khan We had a great conversation about: - We were talking about what he learned from the dramatic birth of his children - How we are unprepared for being a parent, and how he that integrated it in his life. - Growing up South Africa during apartheid. - The code of conduct of the maffia. - Being a functional professional procastinator. -... Read more >

Integrity is the core of everything what Esther Derby does #WhoIsagile #Wia039

Who is #agile 039 with Esther Derby We had a great conversation about: What she learned from art history that helped her being a better programmer How she experimented with working in a book store The impact that #COVID had on her life and work The importance of integrity for Esther. Silver anniversary for being independent In general older people are much happier than what we assume as a society.... Read more >

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