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Books on System Thinking

Everything is connected. And thus when we want to do an agile transformation, it's good to have an understanding of Systems Thinking. So I asked for books around it on twitter. Book name Author Tip Thinking in systems Donella Meadows Jo Van Eyck The systems bible John Gall Jo Van Eyck The fifth discipline Peter Senge Jo Van Eyck, Viktor Grgic QSM volume1 (Systems Thinking... Read more >

What if everything?

The agile manifesto: what if everything brings value? Agile BOSSA nova: what if everything is connected? Agile Fluency: what if your team is on a bus ride? Cargo Cult: what if everything only looks right? Christopher Avery: what if everyone is responsible? Cynefin: what if everything is complex? Cynefin (2): what if everything is sense making? DSDM: what if everything is a business need? DDD:... Read more >

Books on racism (and sexism) …

For me 2020 that made it very visible for everyone that we live in a structural racist world, that puts non-white people at a disadvantage. yes, I had non-white friends my whole life, with some of which I witnessed and discussed the racism they encountered. Yet I'm also very much aware that I was still living a very lucky and privileged life. Although we were... Read more >

Books on retrospective

Regular readers of my blog, they know I consider retrospectives a core aspect of any team. I'm convinced that not everything in the agile world, works in all worlds, I have yet to find a team that does not benefit from doing a retrospective. Over the years, we have seen a lot of book and resources for retrospectives. Today I realized that although I have... Read more >

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