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Are people working remote for the right reasons? Who is agile (WIa20) with Will McNelis

Learn more about Will McNelis: Twitter: // Linkedin // Books: Who is agile the book edition // Our House in the Garden // Iron Sharpened Leadership // How to begin // The Coaching Habit // Read more >

agile has stickiness: Who Is agile #WIa019 Marsha Acker

In episode 019 of Who is agile, I talk with Marsha Acker She was invited by Zuzana (Zuzi) Sochova We talked about: - her two degrees in engineering - how when she wanted to do something, she just did it... - her passion for growing leadership in others - At what age she start talking about leadership to her daughter - what she learned about doing harm... Read more >

Our succes depends on our own inner state Who is agile 018 Michael & Audree Sahota

We talked about: How angriness sabotaged and damaged them. Self-love How being kind to yourself is the start of many things How success is depending on our inner state How our heart and our gut are smarter than our brain Responding to change over following a plan of their personal life How people in theory x don't want help agile will save the planet/humanity ==>... Read more >

Culture change can happen overnight: Sharon Robson Who is agile 017

In episode 017 of Who is agile, I talk with Sharon Robson We talked about: - Talking about the award she won last year for outstanding leadership - Being true to herself before you can be true to other clients - Authenticity is quite separate from expectations - agility is about that continuing learning journey - Who is entitled to have a seat at the table... Read more >

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