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Deliberate action

Xpdays benelux is my crowd, my community. In 1998 in my spare time I created an screensaver that counted down to the year 2000. Now testing a screensaver is very boring. You have to compile the executable, rename in to .scr, copy it over to the windows system32 folder and wait. Wait for the screensaver to kick in, and then wait some more till the... Read more >

Conference feedback the way I like it…

Today Emilie tagged me in an answer to a tweet from Maria Kedemo I appreciate feedback but prefer qualitative feedback over quantitative. I don't know how to improve from a low score and I don't know what to keep from a high score. Is it content? Slides?Speach? How can we change this way of feedback to become more useful for speakers? — Maria Kedemo (@mariakedemo)... Read more >

We wish you a witty 2018

Our little family wished you (and your family / partner) a witty 2018. We do this traditionally by video. (I think after 10 years I can say it’s a tradition) We moved at the end of November 2017 to the minimum viable version of our new house. The MVH 1 contained features: heating and a place to sleep. (In our previous house our heating system died... Read more >

Dinner with a peer

In 2011 I learned about the concept of dinner with as stranger. At ALE2011, the organizing sofa of the dinner party had a few month to organize a large dinner party for an unknown number of participants (it was the first time of the conference) . The concept of dinner with a stranger was their solution. I love the concept. And when I love concepts,... Read more >

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