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The Rose of Axes, applied on leadership

De nederlandse versie : De roos van axen toegepast op leiderschap There are different ways to stand in relation to others. One way of looking at it is the relation-rose or the rose of axes (F. Cuvelier). This relation-rose tries to be the expression of a snapshot of behavior in a relation to someone else, of a kind of an average behaviour in a relation... Read more >

XP Day 2005 Leadership Game in Rotterdam

Re-posting old post It is official now. On the XP-day 2005 in Rotterdam I'm  doing (together with my father Ignace) our leadership game. We are both very interested in leadership. We have created this game to let people feel 3 different ways a leader can influence his team. More info can be found on // Update: We distributed a text on Leadership to the participants... Read more >

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