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Where to push stop?

The last few weeks, I am working a lot from home, preparing for When I work at home, my eldest son comes into my office to get me for dinner, or ask me to play with him. Most of the times, he asks, daddy are you coming. Last week, I really wanted to finish something before I would join him. So after asking 3... Read more >

Managing Teams is like raising kids: you have to learn how to let go

I have an 11-month-old son (Bent), that learns how to walk. When a child learns how to walk, it is one of the first times parents and children learn to let go. Therefore, Bent has to let (the walls) go, and have trust it will work. We as parents have to let go, trust him that it will work and be confident so he feels... Read more >

Contemplations on leadership (text to go with the leadership-game)

Some projects are guided, others are not. When there is a leader we may notice that there is quite a difference in leadership. We can even say there is a lot of difference between leaders. Even speaking of different styles of leadership is putting it mildly, not only do we notice a difference in the approach of fulfilling a task, but also that different leaders... Read more >

Home/office automation

I am convinced that it is a developer’s job to make the life easier of its end user. (Just ask Joe End-User, he will agree with me.) For me that is two things making difficult things easier. And that is something most developers love to do. The hard part, is making sure an easy thing stays easy. (I guess you know more and better examples... Read more >

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