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Building a house still a good metaphor for explaining building software the agile way

Last week I used the old building a house metaphor again during interview when I was asked to explain agile in 3 minutes to people who never heard of agile. 3 minutes is of course not enough so I will take some more time here. Have you ever (re) build a house? Did you know up front what you (and your partner) wanted? Think about... Read more >

Deciding by E-mail

After the first European bootcamp, the booted team stayed in contact. We tried to use the DECIDER in mail & skype and we noticed we needed to change it a little bit to adapt it to the different environment. When  you decide in a meeting, you are all present and it is possible to show your decision at the same time. With e-mail that is... Read more >

7 tips to compensate your agile team…

George Dinwiddie wrote about agile compensation yesterday. I agree with the idea's he is writing about, I don't agree with the link he points to. That compensation list is all about personal compensation. In fact some of them kill team momentum. So I wrote my own compensating tips. A good team compensation: 1) is Value based I think a good compensation is value based: a... Read more >

Intrinsic Motivation: What motivates you in your project?

When creating teams,  motivating people is important. I think Intrinsic motivation (motivation coming from the inside) is much more important then external motivation. IT people care a lot about their work. Hell, we create a lot of Holy war's because we care so much. This summer my 5 year old son  was learning to swim. He enjoyed the challenge. He wanted to tell people I... Read more >

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