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Beschouwingen rond leiderschap

(tekst bij het leidersschapsspel) Sommige projecten worden geleid, andere niet. Als er een leider is, zien we dat het leiderschap niet altijd op dezelfde manier ingevuld wordt. Er is zelfs heel veel verschil tussen de leiders. Spreken van verschillende leiderschapsstijlen is zelfs nog zwak uitgedrukt, want we zien dat er niet alleen verschil is tussen de manieren waarop de verschillende leiders de taken opnemen, maar... Read more >

Safety in Courses

Creating safety in a training weekend like the gestalt weekend I followed is of high importance. In fact I think it is important in any course. For me as a trainer, the start and the end of a course are the most important parts of a course. It is incredible how many trainers don't care about safety. For weekends about gestalt, were people talk about... Read more >

Where to push stop?

The last few weeks, I am working a lot from home, preparing for When I work at home, my eldest son comes into my office to get me for dinner, or ask me to play with him. Most of the times, he asks, daddy are you coming. Last week, I really wanted to finish something before I would join him. So after asking 3... Read more >

Managing Teams is like raising kids: you have to learn how to let go

I have an 11-month-old son (Bent), that learns how to walk. When a child learns how to walk, it is one of the first times parents and children learn to let go. Therefore, Bent has to let (the walls) go, and have trust it will work. We as parents have to let go, trust him that it will work and be confident so he feels... Read more >

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