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Our first family meeting with a 5 year and a 3 year old.

As you can see in our family’s newyears video, breakfast at our place is always a “heroes happen here” event. When my partner has breakfast with the kids alone: it works fine. When I have breakfast with them it is ok too. The challenges start when we are both there. We tend to have both our own way of dealing with the kids in the morning. And... Read more >

Video of Stephen R Covey about the Talking Stick

Small video of Stephen Covey about the Indian Talking Stick. See my training @BarCamp Gent about "Win WIn Win with a talking stick" Read more >

The Myth of Self-organizing Teams

Saturday @ BarCamp Gent I did a presentation on Self organizing teams. It was a succesor of my blog post how to grow a self-organizing team. I also talked about how the McCarthy Bootcamp has found a way to replace the storming phase with a more mature and result driven team interaction. I will write about that part more in an upcomming blog post. Here... Read more >

Win Win Win with a Talking Stick

I was a busy boy on BarCampGhent. After my presentation about Self-organizing Teams, I gave another presentation on the use of the Talking Stick. I learned about the talking stick when reading "The seven habits of effective people" from Stephan R Covey. It's a book I give to a lot of people with who I worked with. I'm told it's starts a little religiously (I... Read more >

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