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Improve your sex life using the perfection game…

I have written before about the perfection game and the Core protocols they come from. During the core protocols session I gave last week in Paris, people asked me can I use this with people that don't know about the core? IS knowing about the core enough, or should they have been to BootCamp (The 1 week course were people learn to use the core... Read more >

Timebox your team with an hourglass…

During most of my workshops I am using hourglasses.  It works great for facilitated meetings and standups. Next to that it works great to have them in a meeting room. The rules for a meeting are: anyone that thinks that a discussion in the meeting is taking too long, can turn it around and tell his co-meeter: lets discuss this only for this amount of... Read more >

How too Write good: 22 writing tips

Avoid Alliteration. Prepositions dangle awkwardly if you use them to end sentences with. Avoid clichés and colloquialism like the plaque, or you will seem old hat. Employ the vernacular, while eschewing arcane and obfuscate verbiage. Avoid ampersands & abbreviations, etc. Take it easy with parenthetical remarks (however relevant) to avoid chopping up sentences (unnecessarily (we might add)). To ever, however artfully, split an infinitive, marks... Read more >

5 things I learned during my studying for my psychology exam

As part of my first year of my GTO training, I have to do an exam Psychology next Wednesday. Next to the things I learned about ratifications on which I posted in blogs about positive and negative ratifications and 5 conditions for effective punishments I also learned a few surprising things while reading / studying the book Psychology from Marc Brysbaert: The main cause of... Read more >

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