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The Smartest way to resolve a conflict: the Listen protocol (a better Indian talking stick)

Person A and Person B sit knees to knees in 2 chairs. (knees pointing toward each other) Optionally, Person C (Coach/consultant) sits next to them and makes sure they follow the protocol. 1. Person A and Person B each state their alignments. 2. Person A begins saying what he wants to say to Person B in short chunks. 3. For each chunk Person B repeats... Read more >

Project management, lessons learned from failed Project “Form government for Belgium”

You won't find a lot of politics on this blog. On the day that Yves Leterme failed after 1 year to create a plan for his government, I want to use that as an example to talk about Project management. In every project we have 4 variables: Resources: the people Time: The deadline when you have to deliver the project Scope: what do you want... Read more >

Leadership Game Version 3.0 is now available for download

After the success of the leadership Game on several Xp Days, I have decided to put it available for download. The version I have put online is the version I will play next Monday at ESSAP (Italy). Update: ESSAP == European Summer School on Agile Programming Update 2010: Leadership Game Version 4.01 is available for download Tags van Technorati: Italy,Download Read more >

It-failures: What I am doing about it

More IT projects are considered a failure then that are considered a success. We know that for a few decades now. It-professional published an article from Jan with the title it-failures what are we doing about it? I'm personally convinced that not Technology but Communication is at the root cause of most of the failures. No Communication, Bad Communication, political games (Yes I call this... Read more >

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