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Win Win Win with a Talking Stick

I was a busy boy on BarCampGhent. After my presentation about Self-organizing Teams, I gave another presentation on the use of the Talking Stick. I learned about the talking stick when reading "The seven habits of effective people" from Stephan R Covey. It's a book I give to a lot of people with who I worked with. I'm told it's starts a little religiously (I... Read more >

Your house is on fire:you can save only one thing, what would it be?

Sometimes a question on the internet, brings back deep memories, like: "imagine your house is on fire what would you save."  I don't have to imagine that. I have been there, done that, I had no t-shirts left. Holiday 1991, my parents go on holiday, leaving their 19 year old son at home for the first time. During the day I work at the Playground... Read more >

5 conditions for effective punishments

The punishment has to be relative intense. The subject should feel it as a punishment) It has to be giving promptly. This is one of the problems with the current law system. There is too much time between the crime  and the punishment. The person has to feel that it is related. Even when he/she knows it is related, the brain might not make the... Read more >

Positive and negative ratification/punishment

  Consequence = adding a stimulus Consequence = remove a stimulus Behaviorincreases positive ratification Behavior is followed by adding a pleasant stimulus negative ratification Behavior is followed by removing an unpleasant stimulus Behaviordecreases Positive punishment Behavior is followed by adding an unpleasant stimulus (Disapproving looks, shouting...) Negative punishment Behavior is followed by removing a pleasant stimulus (Ex Time-out) Punishment in this blog post is not... Read more >

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