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Happy New Year 2009 Video Card

Click here to see last years New Years video in English or onze 2008 nieuwjaars wensen in het nederlands Click here to go to YouTube and click on the "Watch in high quality" link below the video to watch the video in high quality. If you like it, please leave a message on YouTube and Rate the video. Technorati Tags: Toronto Read more >

Don’t gossip…

One of the things I have tried to do in all the companies I work for, is don't talk about people not present. When I teached .NET I gave a lot of examples, sometimes examples of how things were done in a bad way at a previous client. When I gave these examples I made sure I never mentioned the company that wrote the spaghetti... Read more >

The Smartest way to resolve a conflict: the Listen protocol (a better Indian talking stick)

Person A and Person B sit knees to knees in 2 chairs. (knees pointing toward each other) Optionally, Person C (Coach/consultant) sits next to them and makes sure they follow the protocol. 1. Person A and Person B each state their alignments. 2. Person A begins saying what he wants to say to Person B in short chunks. 3. For each chunk Person B repeats... Read more >

Project management, lessons learned from failed Project “Form government for Belgium”

You won't find a lot of politics on this blog. On the day that Yves Leterme failed after 1 year to create a plan for his government, I want to use that as an example to talk about Project management. In every project we have 4 variables: Resources: the people Time: The deadline when you have to deliver the project Scope: what do you want... Read more >

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