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Facilitating: the skill of multiple partiality

As an agile coach I do quite some retrospectives. My partner asked me a few days ago how it was possible that a team that did not know me, trusted me to do their retrospective. What I told her was that it goes much better then when I do a retrospective for a team I’m coaching.  When I am coaching a team, I try to... Read more >

How to work with a whiteboard (scrum/kanban board) with a distributed team?

On agile conferences and on agile mailing list every once in a while the same question pop's up: "What tool should I use to keep track of my team." or what is the best tool..." I answer this every time again with a question: what are you using right now. I want to know why people want to use a tool. I do this because... Read more >

I propose we replace Best Practise by great practise

It all started with this tweet from J.B. Rainsberger: jbrains I consider never using the phrase "best practice" a best practice. #wcr09     I RT this, just like many other people. I like to think I immediately understood what JB ment to say. For me it what it means is that, from the moment people start to call something a Best Practice, it blocks... Read more >

The slides of my talk at AgileEE: Tips for creating a self-organizing team

[slideshare id=2018213&doc=leadershipselforganizingteams-090918103316-phpapp02]Leadership Self Organizing TeamsView more presentations from Yves Hanoulle. Read more >

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