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The slides of my talk at AgileEE: Tips for creating a self-organizing team

[slideshare id=2018213&doc=leadershipselforganizingteams-090918103316-phpapp02]Leadership Self Organizing TeamsView more presentations from Yves Hanoulle. Read more >

I finished reading the Agile coaching book

Agile Coaching is the book I wish I had read when I started coaching my first team. While agile is spreading fast, a lot of people take on coaching roles, these people finally have a book to find the answer for their questions. The book Rachel & Liz wrote is not only good for people new to coaching, as a seasoned coach, I found some... Read more >

Daniel Pink on intrinsic & extrinsic motivation

Esther Derby gave a great presentation @ Agile 2009 called Performance without Appraisals: what to do about performance reviews. In this TED talk, Daniel Pink quote's some research that proves why appraisals don't work for Information Workers. Vera Peters and myself gave a workshop in London on the same topic. You can find the (very nice) slides here. Technorati Tags: Intrinsic,extrinsic,motivation,appraisal,performance,London,Chicago,Daniel Pink,TED Read more >

Google CEO says everybody needs a coach

    One thing people are never good at, is seeing how others see them. Ine explained this some time ago with some more words (dutch blog post) Yep. As I am coaching both team’s and individuals I agree. Do I have a coach? Yes I have had several coaches the last years. At this moment I have one that coaches me on a weekly... Read more >

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