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7 tips to compensate your agile team…

George Dinwiddie wrote about agile compensation yesterday. I agree with the idea's he is writing about, I don't agree with the link he points to. That compensation list is all about personal compensation. In fact some of them kill team momentum. So I wrote my own compensating tips. A good team compensation: 1) is Value based I think a good compensation is value based: a... Read more >

Intrinsic Motivation: What motivates you in your project?

When creating teams,  motivating people is important. I think Intrinsic motivation (motivation coming from the inside) is much more important then external motivation. IT people care a lot about their work. Hell, we create a lot of Holy war's because we care so much. This summer my 5 year old son  was learning to swim. He enjoyed the challenge. He wanted to tell people I... Read more >

The World is Flat:Shift Happens

    For people that haven't read "The World is flat", and want to know why they should read the book.... My solution to these challenges is BootCamp. Better communication in your teams, distributed or local. You can start with reading the Core protocols and listening to the MccarthyShow Podcast Update: I have written two articles about the core for Methods and Tools:  Experience report... Read more >

How to grow a self-organizing team…

Jim Highsmith’s wrote about No More Self-Organizing Teams. I think that a self-organizing team is great. I do find it a myth that self-organizing teams, are self formed. They can emerge out of the blue, but most of the time they are created. Created by coaches that help such a team become self organizing. I very much like the forming-storming-norming-performing model from Bruce Tuckman ,... Read more >

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