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10 Agile books

When I am delivering an in house training, I give one book for each participant. I prefer to give every person a different book. That way the company organizing the training has already a small library of agile books. (If I give 10 times the same book it has the advantage of being able to start with a book reading club) this is my current... Read more >

Happy New Year 2010 Video

At the end of 2007 and 2008 we made videos about these years as a kind of new years card. This is last years video. Click here for the high quality version on YouTube It took a little longer as I started the Agile Retrospection of the Year. Technorati Tags: 2009,2010,PairCoaching Read more >

Agile Retroflection Of the Day 2.0

On the first of January I started the agile retroflection of the day series. You can read about the original idea here. We are less then one week far and I’m already writing about version 2.0. (who says we can't upgrade in production? ;-) ) Update: Version 3 was just published Yesterday Simon assumed that only one person was allowed to write down an opinion.... Read more >

Agile Retroflection of the Day

  On my desk I have a set of cards from FranklinCovey. Every day I select a new card at random. Whatever the message on the card, I try to make this the motto of my day. This year, I want to create a similar experience for agilists around the world. That is why I created a Twitter Account for an agile Retroflection of the... Read more >

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