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Contemplations on leadership (text to go with the leadership-game)

Some projects are guided, others are not. When there is a leader we may notice that there is quite a difference in leadership. We can even say there is a lot of difference between leaders. Even speaking of different styles of leadership is putting it mildly, not only do we notice a difference in the approach of fulfilling a task, but also that different leaders... Read more >

Home/office automation

I am convinced that it is a developer’s job to make the life easier of its end user. (Just ask Joe End-User, he will agree with me.) For me that is two things making difficult things easier. And that is something most developers love to do. The hard part, is making sure an easy thing stays easy. (I guess you know more and better examples... Read more >

De roos van axen toegepast op leiderschap

English Version can be found in our book the leadership game Er zijn verschillende wijzen om met anderen in relatie te treden. Een manier om daarnaar te kijken is de relatieroos of roos van axen (F. Cuvelier). Deze relatieroos probeert een uitdrukking te zijn van een momentopname van een gedrag in relatie met iemand anders, of een soort gemiddeld gedrag binnen een relatie gedurende een... Read more >

The Rose of Axes, applied on leadership

De nederlandse versie : De roos van axen toegepast op leiderschap There are different ways to stand in relation to others. One way of looking at it is the relation-rose or the rose of axes (F. Cuvelier). This relation-rose tries to be the expression of a snapshot of behavior in a relation to someone else, of a kind of an average behaviour in a relation... Read more >

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