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Cleaning a kitchen is a good metaphor for Refactoring

  Lately I'm talking a lot about refactoring. When I do, I use a lot a metaphor I have learned from Vera Peeters and Pascal Van Cauwenberghe. Refactoring is like cleaning a kitchen. If you observe the kitchen of a restaurant, you will see that they are cleaning the kitchen all the time. So cooking and cleaning at the same time. (In other words I... Read more >

Perfection game SDC 2010

This week I have presented “Tips to create a self-organizing team” at SDC 2010. I loved the conference. I promised the organizers to send them a perfection game. As I think other conferences can learn from this, I’m doing it online. The rules of the perfection game can be found here: // I give this conference a 7 out of 10 What I liked was:... Read more >

Acceptance Criteria for coaching position

When I work as a trainer, at the beginning of the class I’m asking about my students what they expect from the course. I write them down on a whiteboard or ask them to write them down on a post-it. At the end of the course, we go over these and I ask everyone if they got what they wanted out of the course. When... Read more >

Agile Retroflection Of the Day Version 3

On the 1st of January of 2010 I launched the Agile Retroflection of the Day initiative. Instead of waiting until I had the perfect idea, I launched it right away and I wanted to change it based on the feedback I got. The feedback I heard most, was that "the rules" were to complicated. So this is Version 3. An attempt to make it simpler.... Read more >

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