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Getting out of your comfort zone

John’s session at ACCDE10 about leaving your comfort zone was the right session at the right time for me. I like getting out of my comfort zone. To hear that so many coaches (all?) have that experience was already a good insight (It also made me realize the opposite is true for a lot of the people I coach) Moving with my family to Bordeaux... Read more >

Example of a retrospective…

As in agile, we do a retrospective every 2 to 3 weeks, it is very important to make sure it does not become boring and dull. yes I have done boring retrospectives. (Haven’t we all?) Last year I gave a talk at Agile Tour Toronto about how to make your retrospectives the heart of your agile proces. That talk was based for 75% on THE... Read more >

Video of Scrum Master class

As a coach I invest in myself by following multiple trainings every year. At ACCDE10, Deborah Preuss, said she that although she is a CST, she followed CSM classes with multiple people to learn about new techniques and ways of doing scrum/Training. In the last 12 months I followed a Coaching class of David Hussman, part of an SM class of Robin Dymond, and a... Read more >

How to create a movement

Interesting video for anyone who wants to make a change in a company. Quote: "It's the first follower that changes a lunatic in a leader" Read more >

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