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Don’t gossip…

One of the things I have tried to do in all the companies I work for, is don't talk about people not present. When I teached .NET I gave a lot of examples, sometimes examples of how things were done in a bad way at a previous client. When I gave these examples I made sure I never mentioned the company that wrote the spaghetti... Read more >

The Smartest way to resolve a conflict: the Listen protocol (a better Indian talking stick)

Person A and Person B sit knees to knees in 2 chairs. (knees pointing toward each other) Optionally, Person C (Coach/consultant) sits next to them and makes sure they follow the protocol. 1. Person A and Person B each state their alignments. 2. Person A begins saying what he wants to say to Person B in short chunks. 3. For each chunk Person B repeats... Read more >

Project management, lessons learned from failed Project “Form government for Belgium”

You won't find a lot of politics on this blog. On the day that Yves Leterme failed after 1 year to create a plan for his government, I want to use that as an example to talk about Project management. In every project we have 4 variables: Resources: the people Time: The deadline when you have to deliver the project Scope: what do you want... Read more >

Leadership Game Version 3.0 is now available for download

After the success of the leadership Game on several Xp Days, I have decided to put it available for download. The version I have put online is the version I will play next Monday at ESSAP (Italy). Update: ESSAP == European Summer School on Agile Programming Update 2010: Leadership Game Version 4.01 is available for download Tags van Technorati: Italy,Download Read more >

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