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Universal Agile Manifesto

Henrik Kniberg has started an initiative to translate the Agile Manifesto into multiple languages. At ACCDE10 this picture was drawn as a universal version.   Read more >

Perfection game of SUG Bordeax (Part III)

As promissed I also write a perfection game of the evening itself.   I give the Scrum User Group Bordeaux (11 May 2010) meeting an 8 out of 10.   What I like about the meeting is that -There is a vivit community - that it happens inside a company that brings new people to the community - there were lots of people from this... Read more >

Agile Retrospective Game @SUG Bordeaux Part II

As promised in the previous post, a perfection game of the game. I’ll give the retrospective game a 7 out of 10. What I liked about it is: -It was a nice implementation of the game -Christophe Deniaud thanked the creators of the game. -it mentioned where to download and buy the game -the whole game was timeboxed with a visible timer -It made me... Read more >

Scrum User Group Bordeaux Part 1

One of the advantages of working in another country, is I can visit other agile user groups. Last year I went to the Extreme Tuesday Club (London) Today I visited the Scrum User Group Bordeaux   Interesting about these exchanges, is I get to really see the differences in how these user groups are run. XTC is running every Tuesday.  Same day, same time, more... Read more >

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