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Daniel Pink: Drive…

  This is a another video of Daniel Pink on motivation. The style is totally different then the one that I posted earlier. Read more >

In search of meaning

  On Wednesday 11 august 2010, I will do my session “What I learned from burning down my house. That session is based on the book In Search of Urgency. Victor Frankl has written a book in Search of meaning, about something much worse then a fire. I’m not sure he sees it as the best thing that happened to him (as I thought for... Read more >

The hidden influence of social networks

  It’s interesting to look at this talk and think about the social network of the agile community. Good idea’s need a social network and a social network needs good things. Nicholas Christakis end with “The world need more connections.” I could not agree more… Enjoy Read more >

Universal Agile Manifesto

Henrik Kniberg has started an initiative to translate the Agile Manifesto into multiple languages. At ACCDE10 this picture was drawn as a universal version.   Read more >

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