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What I learned from burning down my parents house

What I Learned From Burning Down My House View more presentations from Yves Hanoulle. This is the presentation I created together with Robin Dymond and gave at XPDays benelux Update this session is also accepted for Agile 2010 in Nashville Read more >

Everything you wanted to know about PairProgramming….

  Pair Programming Is Like Sex View more presentations from Yves Hanoulle This week I got a phone call from a local school. They had an international ICT Day, and one of their speakers cancelled. They wanted to know if I could take over a talk on PairProgramming. With a little tweeking in my agenda, that was no problem. I have been talking a lot... Read more >

Why we don’t have negative experience reports at agile conferences.

Last year at a number of agile conferences I had similar conversations were I wondered why we had so little negative experience reports at agile conferences. I know that there are agile projects that are failing. I’m convinced that when you do an agile project, you will see problems earlier. Some companies might decide at that moment that the problems are too high and stop... Read more >

How to make your retrospective the heart of your agile process

[slideshare id=2253683&doc=retrospective-toronto-091017050909-phpapp02] This are the slides from my presentation at AgileTourToronto. My intention with this talk was to remember my fellow agilists about a lot of the different ways todo retrospectives. Most of the examples come from one of the books on retrospectives. My slides are done presentation zen style, which means they don’t contain a lot of text. When people asked me about hand-outs,... Read more >

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