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You don’t know what you don’t know…

When I started my own company one of the reasons was, I wanted to educate myself more then the average company would let me do. I set my goal to spend between 10% and 20% of my revenu (not profit) on educating myself. For this I am traveling the world to learn from the best. Next to all the conferences I went to, I was... Read more >

Croissant Build

A few projects back, I was working with a team, that had a build server, they had automated tests, but they did not seem to care about them. At least not as much as I wanted them to care about them. Mm, how do I motivate teams to care about their builds? One of the things I came up with, was a Croissant build. A... Read more >

Diversity in agile

I'm actively involved in a group called Diversity in Agile. When we announced our first release, focussing on women we got a lot of strong reactions, both negative and positive. Someone (Sorry I forgot where I read it, tell me who you are and I link back) said an interesting thing: He said when my daughter would get an award for doing a math exercise... Read more >

Agile estimations

A lot of books have been written about estimations. Before we focus on estimation on software or estimations in the agile world, let's look how good we human's are at predicting. NNT has written a wonderfull book called the black Swan. In this book he explains why humans are bad at doing predictions. To make things worse, he explains that experts have a blind spot... Read more >

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