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Personal tools

Many people have started to use tools for organising their life. On this page I will collect these. Personal Kanban tools Tool name Tip Remarks Trello Yves A door/ Whiteboard + post it's Rik D'huyvetters Doesn't work remote Kanbanize Yves kanbantool Yves KanbanFlow Yves planview Yves More an enterprise tool   Time collecting Tool name Tip Remarks Toggl Rico TimeInOrbit Konstantin Clockify Pablo Domingo Also... Read more >

Preparation of a remote workshop….

Due to covid-19, we are now all working remote. I had a workshop planned that I usually do as a Face-2-face workshop, that I had to move to an online version. The biggest challenge was that I was limited in the tools I could use. Luckily I found an internal tool that could do the trick. The flip side (there is always a flip side)... Read more >
Family Hanoulle-Ryssen

We wish you a free 2021…

Welcome in 2021. What a year 2020 has been. In our previous new year video, we wished everyone a healthy life. It turned out even more important than we thought. We had our reasons to think about health. The father of one of my godchildren was fighting against cancer since August 2019. Although Simon survived 2020, in December he heard that he is terminal. And... Read more >

Books about technical excellence

I go to know agile as a developer, after I learned that "my smart/lazy" way of testing a screensaver was done before and was called unit testing. And I learned about extreme programming. At that moment both Scrum clearly said you needed technical excellence, and I remember talking about scrum in 2005/6 where they said, We don't want to define what is technical excellence as... Read more >

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