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Diana Larsen about human solutions for human problems. Who is agile 029

Who is agile 029 with Diana Larsen (invited by Linda Rising) We had a great conversation about: - Retrospective Gathering - Agile Alliance - The leadership game at xp 2010 - Agile fluency model - 5 why's - Extreme programming - Ensemble Programming - Agile pills from Crisp AB - Women in agile - Working ourselfs out of a job - Creating normal every day - The advantages of an... Read more >

Mike Edwards on How COVID increased psychological safety at conferences #WIa028 #WhoIsagile

Interview with Mike Edwards for the video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa 028) Learn more about Mike Edwards: Mike on Linkedin: // Formal vs informal retrospectives Debugging skills to test software  How covid increased psychological safety at a conference... Introverts vs extraverts on remote and F2F work Worklife balance is a scarcity concept Mike works a lot with the Responsibility process Nobody ever gave... Read more >

Joanne Stone on the work we agile coaches do to understand ourself, to be better able to help others

In episode 027 of Who is #agile, I talk with Joanne Stone (invited by Lyssa Adkins - Joanne has a special definition of retirement - We talked about creating space for me-time as a parent - About the work we (agile coaches) do to understand our self, to be better able to help others - using agile tools with our children - the different roles she plays - #impostersyndrome -... Read more >
Peter Zylka-Greger

How agile helped Peter Zylka-Greger to realise he can enjoy work…

In episode 026 of Who is #agile, I talked with Peter Zylka-Greger about Moving to another country: the excitement, the learning from being out of your comfort zone How agile helped him to discover he could enjoy work How coaches can be patronizing their coaches How learning keeps making space for us… We mentioned Joke Vandemaele & Xavier Quesada Allué Quesada (Naming your children) Michael K Sahota & Audree Tara Sahota,... Read more >

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