Ralph Miarka

Yves contacted me on June 21st 2011, asking me for my answers to the “Who is…” series. I worked previously with Yves and felt honored to participate in his new adventure. Yves provided me with enough time to write my answers and he asked for some clarifications to improve the content for publication. On January 13th 2012, Yves surprised me with he new idea to publish the “Who is…” series as a book on LeanPub. I appreciate this effort very much. It was a pleasure to work with Yves on this project. I also appreciate that he asked Andrea Chiou to help him to edit the book as this improved the work very much. I look very much forward to work again with Yves.

The book itself is a great account of the diversity of the people working on the agile quest for better teams, software, working conditions, etc. The book provides a great overview of the history, visions and experiences of the people portrayed. Maybe, some day in the future, this book can help social researchers to understand the dynamics of the agile change through some of the people involved. For everyone else, it might provide some sparks of inspiration and motivation. I invite all readers to answer the questions for themselves to find their personal connection to the life they are.