Johanna Rothman

Working with Yves is easy. He asked a few questions, I gave him some answers and a picture. That was it. No muss, no fuss. Yves made it easy to work with him. He wove my story into a whole that is something much larger than I could have imagined.

But the bigger part of this recommendation is where Yves imagined the Who-Is series. I didn’t realize at the time where Yves was going with the series, and how he could create a community with the series.

Yves has helped create and shape a community, a community I am honored and proud to be a part of. Not only did he bring out things in me I hadn’t considered in years, he brought them out in others. The Who Are Agilists book is a beautiful book, not just in content, but in execution.

Yves created a legacy not just for the community, but for my family. He made it possible for me to see where I fit. And if my family decides to read the book, they will see were I fit, too.

Writing a book is a labor of love. Writing a book where you depend on other people to respond can either make you crazy or help you build a community. Yves has succeeded in building a community. If he can do that with consultants who are, by nature unemployable, just imagine what he can do with your team.