Harold Shinsato

I’ve known Yves Hanoulle for a few years now as a pioneer in pair coaching, agile software development, and in work with Jim and Michele McCarthy’s “Core Protocols”. I participated in a three hour training he offered at Agile 2009 in Chicago this past August which demonstrated with amazing depth and speed three different styles of management – from command and control hierarchy, to anarchy, to facilitated self-organizing. I found it the best method to get a powerful experience of the benefits of facilitation and coaching when moving towards self-organizing. It also demonstrated that often the anarchy format can quickly degenerate to a form of command and control. The Agile & Lean communities recommend facilitated self-organizing teams – not anarchy and not pure command and control. So this was a very effective three hours spent.

I congratulate Yves on his ingeniously devised experiential training and hope that many others are able to benefit from it and from other trainings that he offers or facilitates