Christian Baumann

Yves worked as an agile coach for my employer. My main contact points with him have been a 4-day-inhouse course about agile & scrum and several discussions about how to push & improve our test automation project. Especially for the test automation project he gave me some initial ideas on how to get this working succesfully, and thanks to him we´re still on a succesful path with our automation.
I noticed about Yves that he´s a very open-minded person, that is always willing to support you. While doing so, he helps you to discover alternative solutions to your problems, which you wouldn´t have found on your own.
It is Yves´ passion that you as a coached person, really learn something new & valuable, and he tries hard to reach this goal, which is in most of the cases succesfully, thanks to Yves´ commitment to be an agile coach.