Emily Bache never stopped programming, as that is the fun part… #WhoIsagile #WIa59

#Interview with Emily Bache for the #video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa059)

Emily was invited by Clare Sudbery (she/her)

We talked about:
– Working with #legacy code
– How her husband influenced her #career.
– Going to #conferences as a couple
– Finding coding fun
– She does not want to stop coding as that is the fun part.
– Doing co-presentation
– Having children that are not interested in programming
– #Singing in choirs
– Working as a musicians
– Comparing #codingdojo and musical
– How do you show progress when you start with something ?
– #Teaching
– You can’t learn a skill from reading
– you can learn the theory, yet not the skill
– Trying the examples in the books
– Being the most passionate
– Being an inspiring choir leader
– There are so many fun tings to do
– Emily has got options
– Building her carreer in a way that she always has avenues to move to, if the current one does not turn out to go somewhere.
– Understanding quickly the problem a team has
– it’s rewarding when you work hard get good grades and teachers appreciate you.
– She does enough to get the results she wants,
– She wants to make a difference
– Making the software better to change the world

We talked about
Kent Beck
Samman Technical Coaching
Dion Stewart & Joel Tosi
Vladimir Khorikov


Extreme programming (Kent Beck)
– Emily’s books:
Coding Dojo handbook
Mocks Fakes & stubs
technical coaching with the Samman method

Creating your Dojo
Coaching for learning 
Unit testing principles

Emily invites:
Dave Farley