Agile Retrospective Game @SUG Bordeaux Part II

As promised in the previous post, a perfection game of the game.

I’ll give the retrospective game a 7 out of 10.

What I liked about it is:

-It was a nice implementation of the game

Christophe Deniaud thanked the creators of the game.

-it mentioned where to download and buy the game

-the whole game was timeboxed with a visible timer

-It made me reflect on my last retrospection

-No slides were used

-some of the existing slides were printed and put on the walls.

-Being a participant of a game, made me think hard about my own games.

-it was about retrospectives, something that is close to my heart

Norman Kerth’s book was mentioned

Prime Directive was read out loud

To give this a 10 I would like

– see an agenda of how the game will be run before the game.

– Hear an explanation before the game instead of after the game.

– Have a real retrospective: do some kind of small game, and then do a retrospective of something that really happened, instead of us inventing what could have happened.

(hey it’s my perfection game, so I can dream…)

-a better explanation at the start of the game to explain the purpose of a retrospective (As we had 50% people new to agile/scrum)

-more time in the beginning of the game to understand what will happen.

-use observers instead of having 3 groups.

-A real moderator in each group, so that inside each group the game can be run as a real retrospective

– a pair presentor for having a better flow

– less reading from papers during the presentation

– real feedback round at the end, and thus more time (yes you knew that one was coming)

– Give everyone a set of retrospective game cards at the end

– An English Version that is ready to use with my teams

– The agile alchemiste website would not be down the evening I write this post…  ;  –  )

THE agile retrospective book was also mentioned (or I did hear it mentioned)

– All the text (ex prime directive) would have been translated in the language the presentor wanted to use. (avoids small glitches in the workshops)