The positive impact of mob programming from Chris Lucian & Austin Chadwick for #WhoIsagile #WIa60


#Interview with  Chris Lucian & Austin Chadwick for the #video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa060)
Chris & Austin were invited by Patrick Debois

We talked about:
– #Mob Mentality
– A tight coupling by having fun and #effectiveness
– Merging aspects from different parts of life and integrating them
– Austin being influence by his partner.
– Tight feedback loops with #children
– Talking about how #ComputerScience was almost an accident
– Starting IT for #money and liking it
– Valuing a #worklife balance
– The worklive balance in the #gaming industry
– Mob programming influence a low bug count and build in knowledge sharing
– Worklife aspect is much better in a team that mobs
– No one can stay on the same product for more then 2 years
– #chaosengineering at team level
– Communicating outside a group so that management is aware and wel understand the financial – impact on mobbing
– Mob programming for a decade
– 3 to 5 people mobs
– Providing space for experiments
– #PromiscuousPairing (from Arlo Belshee)
– Daily swapping the mob
– Unconscious dependance when people stayed for 5 years instead of documentation or automation
– Being prepared for turn over, also at budget level
– Mobbing helps skyrocketing developers
– Every 5 years all people have a life changing event.
– Average level of happiness
– Marketing competition spreadsheet
– Total nr of people on your team divided by 5
– Is your turn over under or over that number?
– Discussions in a mob with different world view.
– Automating
– Learning by having models around you
– Nono Donsa experience of body language was different at school and at home
– Nina Derwael Olympic medals
– Satir model of change
– Tuckman team model
– #psychologicalsafety
-The world is my #Kanban
– Learning loop
– #Kaizen Habits instead of trying to be the best …
– Draw separately and then compare
– People learn when they are wrong
– #uml diagram of whet you just discussed
-What is the learn effect
– Difference between #introverts and #extraverts and their differences between in person-remote
– Measure the impact of the life of your employees
– Dora metrics

Books we talked about :
– Dynamic retiming (Heidi Helfand)
– Grit book (Angela Duckworth)
– How emotions are made (Lisa Feldman Barrett : learn about how you are wrong about reading body language)
– Mob programming (Woody Zuill )
– Thinking fast and slow ( Daniel Kahneman)
– Reality is broken (Jane McGonigal)
– Accelerate (Nicole Forsgren)
– Atomic habits (James Clear)

They invited
– Woody Zuil
– Joe Justice (Wikispeed)
– Colleen K.
– Mike Clement