Books on Money

While I was studying, I was living of welfare. Meaning I had 375 euro’s a month to pay rent, food, my studies (I the first year of IT, without a computer, I could only afford one my second year.) That ment I had to learn how to deal with money and age 19, while most of my friends where still living at home. When they said I’m out of money that ment they could not buy any drinks anymore. When I said I had no money, it ment I had no food for another week or so.
(Those were the weeks I visited lots of friends and went to bed hungry.)

And still the last year I lived of wellfare, I was able to save money. I could save between 10 to 20% of my income. That was more money I was able to save the first year that I worked. (Where I earned 4 times more) After that first year I looked back at what I spend my money on. And I decided it was not wurth it. so I started looking for a house to force myself to spend money on a long time investment. Instead of short time pleasure. I realized that being poor was not about the money that comes in, it was about the money I was spending. It was the start of my own education on money. From that moment on, I started reading about money.

Over the years a lot of book on money where adviced to me by friends, so I though it was time for another community driven booklist….

Full transparency: most links on these list use amazon affiliates links.

At the bottom of my own bookpage, you can find all the bookslists I have gathered since 2010.