ATQ: The Core Protocols, the monday answers

Last week I published Vickie Gray’s questions about The Core Protocols.

Here are her answers.

1. What are the two main steps you MUST take if you Check Out?
a. Say "I’m checking out" and then physically leave the group.

2. What is the first of the Core Commitments?
c. I commit to engage when present.

3. What is the one protocol that you cannot Pass on?
d. Decider

4. Which of the following statements is TRUE of the Ask For Help Protocol?
a. The best time to Ask For Help is when things are going well.

Jim McCarthy added an extra question in the comments. Here is his answer:

What do you do when you think someone needs help, but doesn’t ask for it?

I think the safest correct answer is a). You are least likely to do harm with behavior a). 
However, behavior b) can sometimes be effective, and therefor correct, too, as others have pointed out. 
So this means, the next best answer is c), either a or b.
Finally, d) can also be correct, especially in cases where you yourself are in harm’s way. To rescue yourself is never the wrong move.  As with so many situations relevant to the Core, good judgment is ever valuable.

Perhaps it is safe to say this: when it comes to other adults (and many or even most situations involving children), a posture of general supportiveness,  consisting of good will, receptivity, curiosity and a readiness to help when asked might be the most effective and beautiful basic attitude to maintain.

Resources the core:

Methods And Tools article: The Core Protocols, an experience report (Part1) & Part 2

These article were written with the help from Jim & Michele McCarthy, Els Ryssen, Paul Reeves, Christopher Thibaut,Adam Feuer, Ralph Miarka, Mary Poppendieck, Gino Marckx, Alistair Cockburn, Philip Almey, Lilian Nijboer, Esther Derby & Michael Sahota. A big kudo’s to Emmanuel Gaillot who initiated the conversational style.

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