Painting at Coach retreat

At the first coach-retreat, we had a room where you could talk about anything (just like any other room) but you had to be painting while you did.

I did not look at people’s face when I announced it, but I can imagine it shocked some people.

Painting? If we would have announced it, we might have had less participants. I have to admit, I almost chickened out of my first bootcamp for the same reason.

My 6 year younger brother once told me, that a drawing teacher said I was the worst student she ever had. No wonder I never dared to draw anything. She almost killed my creativity. almost/

I’m glad I now dare to paint, draw etc. Let there be no confusion, I’m the worst painter you have ever seen. So what? When I paint, a different part of my brain gets activated and I come up with great idea’s. I’m no sure if these idea’s are more crazy as usual, they sure are more creative.

At a coach retreat were we have the intention to involve the children in the activities, painting is one of these things you can do with everyone.

As I wrote yesterday, the paintings in coach-retreat we threw away, but the conversation they inspired I will not forget…

For next coach-retreats I’m looking for other room idea’s. Other rooms, that use other parts of our brain to kindle talks.