Where to push stop?

The last few weeks, I am working a lot from home, preparing for PairCoaching.net

When I work at home, my eldest son comes into my office to get me for dinner, or ask me to play with him.

Most of the times, he asks, daddy are you coming.

Last week, I really wanted to finish something before I would join him.

So after asking 3 times "are you coming", Joppe suddenly asked

"Daddy where to push to stop?"

He got my immediate attention. No he had no intention to stop my computer, but wanted to know where I was going to push to stop the computer.

It’s a very good coaching technique. Change your question to the unexpected, and people start actually thinking about the question.

Wow, and that from a 4 year old.

Yes I did stop. (Even if I wanted to blog about it immediately )