Book for (aspiring) agile coaches

Book name Author Tip
Coaching agile teams Lyssa Adkins This is the reference book for agile coaches, 10 years after it’s release it’s still brings me value.
Agile Coaching Rachel Davies & Liz Sedley For me this is a book that I recommend for scrummasters that want to “up their game”.
Tip From The agile Trenches 89 people collected by YvesHanoulle I know I’m biased as I collected this book, yet with tips from people around the world, I really believe this book contains valuable info for everyone who calls themselves an agile coach
Fearless Change Linda Rising & MaryLynn Manns Proposed by Daniel Terhorst-North
Fearless Organisation Amy C Edmondson Proposed by Daniel Terhorst-North
Turn The Ship Around L David Marquet Proposed by Daniel Terhorst-North
The Art of Agile Development James Shore Proposed by Wolf Gideon Bleek
When Will It Be Done Daniel S Vacanti Proposed by Johanna Rothman
7 Rules for Positive, Productive Change: Micro Shifts, Macro Results Esther Derby Proposed by Johanna Rothman
Becoming a technical Leader Jerry Weinberg Proposed by Arne Åhlander
Value Stream Mapping: How to Visualize Work and Align Leadership for Organizational Transformatio Karen Martin & Mike Osterling Proposed by Dominika Bula
Responsive Agile Coaching Niall McShane Proposed by Dan Hill
Secrets of Consulting Gerald M (Jerry) Weinberg Proposed by Marc Evers
The People’s Scrum Tobias Mayer Proposed by Marc Evers
Enterprise agile coaching Cherie Silas Proposed by Femi Odelusi
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