Perfection game

I briefly walked into Deborah’s “Getting Unstuck, No More Buts!” session to pick up some Fearless Game cards 

Turns out that I walked in while she was talking about me.

I hesitated walking in,  to not disturb her class to much, turns out I was more surprised then she was…

That’s what Jim McCarthy would call a “Call Wood story”. (I can’t find an online reference, but somehow the people who are busy explaining the core, at one time are talking about another person, and that person miraculous shows up…)

Anyway she was talking about the perfection game and asked me if I had some references on my blog.


Here are a few references:

From 23 till 28 September We will have again a Open European Bootcamp In this camp people will learn a full week about creating teams.

Actually all the core protocols, were not created by Jim & Michele.

Jim & Michele decided 15 years ago to only do courses about creating teams.

They started out without a manual. Doing a one week training, were a groupd of people had the assignment to create a team by the end of the week.

After a few of these courses, they noticed, that similar things came back. So they started to write them down, and hand them on to the next group. And that is what they did for years. When things did not work anymore, or the current teams found something better, they left the old thing out and add the new thing.

After 15 years, I can assure you that the core is a powerfull set to use with teams.

I have to admit I am biased as I am a trainer now, but I can assure you, I would not have done that, if I would not have witnessed myself that in any training I followed I was teams emerging in less then a week.

let me repeat that:

You put a bunch of strangers together on sunday, and by Friday (And sometimes already by Wednesday) you have a rock solid team. And these teams, trust eachother more, than some of the groups I know that have been working together for 10 years.

And for those who doubt, yes that happened EVERY single time I saw a bootcamp. In a predictable way.

I know it sounds like a silver bullet. It’s sounds like sales oil.  yet that is my experience.