Book on life design

I have teenagers that sometimes think that the decision what they will study is the most important decision of their life.
I disagree. Here is the top ten career choices I already made in my life:

1) volunteer in a youthclub, some of my friends, turned it into a job
2) worked in a children playground
3) DJ at the youthclub and even worked a full summer as a DJ, in the south of France
4) Wrote songs for some local bands
5) software support
6) developer
7) software trainer
8) agile coach
9) Wrote & published + 30 books
10) Blogger & Youtube

And I don’t plan to stick only to these choices for the rest of my life. Here are some of the books that helped me and friends to think about designing our life.

Book name Author Tip
Range David Epstein
So good they can’t ignore you Cal Newport
Designing your life Bill Burnett & Dave Evans
Show your work Austin Kleon

What books would you add?

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