Amazon affiliates

On my website, you can find many lists of books.

Until a few weeks ago, all these links have always been direct links.
During a recent coaching session, we talked about options I had to create multiple income streams. During that conversation I decided that I want to start a few experiments.

One of these experiments is adding amazon affiliate links to book links. In an earlier brainstorm around my website, I had been thinking about this. There were two reasons against it.
– I don’t think this will make serious money
– It feels less professional.

In my coaching session, I realized that the first sentence is rather strange. Partly because it’s a kind of big design upfront, how would I know how much money would this bring in? Partly because it feels like minimizing myself. (Imposter syndrome someone)

After the coaching session, I also remembered a comment I received from my friend Chris Matts in 2011. In that comment Chris that told me “Yves, it’s time to uninstall the morality software” It’s a quote that struck a chord with me. That statement has guided /helped/haunted me a lot the past 10 years. It’s also the main reason why I said, ok I should just experiment and try to work with amazon affiliates. Especially as I do spend a fair amount of time on creating and maintaining these book lists.

The experiment:
From now on, new links will contain an amazon affiliate code. And I will gradually update old links to amazon.
I have no idea how much money I will make with this. I don’t expect big money, yet I buy a big amount of books each year, even if this pays back only a piece of it, it’s worth playing with it.

So if you are here for books, let me know in the comments, what do you think about amazon affiliate links?