agile Tour Brussel 2022

From time to time, I go around at conferences and ask people about the books they read the last year, they want to advice others to read.

At agile Tour Brussel 2022, I was too busy connecting to friends I had not seen in years, I only added a paper at the wall. As a result I had only a few books on my list.

So I contacted the speakers and some give me the books they recommended in their talks.

If you were at the conference, please send me a book too. 

So here is the list.

Book Author Why read it
Range David Epstein Why being a generalist matter in the specialist world we live in. Yves Hanoulle
Agile testing condensed Lisa Crispin & Janet Gregory A small book that explains testing in an agile world, perfect for managers anonymous
Atomic habits James Clear Learn how to build new habits. anonymous
Réaliste Bertrand Piccard Réalist, soyons logiques avant d’être écologiques. Yves Hulet mentioned in their session
The no rules rule Reed Hasting, Erin Meyer Olivier Rouhaud mentioned in his session
Turn the ship around David L Marquez Olivier Rouhaud mentioned in his session
From Contempts to Curiosity Caitlin Walker Charles-Louis De Maere mentioned in his session
The Humanizing Work Guide to Splitting User Stories Richard Lawrence Koen Vastmans game is based on this way is slicing stories
89 hybrid working tips collected by Yves Hanoulle This book will collect 89 tips about hybrid and remote work around the world Forgot to mention in our workshop.

What books would you add to this list?
At the bottom of my own bookpage, you can find all the bookslists I have gathered since 2010.