Who Is agile?

In 2011, the agile manifesto turned 10 years old. Some of the agile methodologies are even 5 to 10 year older. In the agile world, we pay a lot of attention to the people in the teams. Thanks to mailing lists and social media, agile leaders are very approachable. Yet we don’t know them. This book gives you access to learn a little more about agilists. You will find all kinds of people in this book, people who have been on the Agile Alliance board, Gordon Pask Award winners, Scrum masters, Scrum trainers, people who started movements, people who organized agile conferences, famous authors, hard core teammembers, etc.You will also read about people who don’t consider themselves agilists. They are in this book because they have inspired agilists, and we dare to say that they actually agree with what we call an agile mindset.

All these people have 2 things in common: they are interesting people and they have remarkable stories.

Yves send them all the same set of questions and asked them to select an extra question from someone else.The answers have been posted on Yves’ blog for a while. The book contains one extra answer, per person.

We have finished adding people to the book. It now contains answers from 89 people.
The book can be bought on Leanpub

In 2022 Yves started a video edition of Who is agile. A few extra questions, with old and new people.


Written by Yves Hanoulle Creative Collaboration Agent