Who is agile in South Africa?

This book is based on the original Who Is Agile book, only this is a regional version for South Africa. It’s a collection of interviews with passionate South African agilists who answer the following questions:

1) What is something people usually don’t know about you but has influenced you in who you are?

2) What would have become of you, if you were not doing the job you do today?

3) What is your biggest challenge and why is it a good thing for you?

4) What drives you?

5) What is your biggest achievement?

6) Is there a piece of music that has a special meaning for you?

7) What is the last book you have read?

8) What question do you think we should also ask and what is the answer?

9) Whom do you think we should ask next in South Africa?

10) Whom do you think we should ask next not in South Africa?

11) How would you define your relation to the South African Agile community?

If you’d like to get to know some of the people in South Africa who are dedicated to agile a little bit better this is the book for you.

Written by Yves Hanoulle Creative Collaboration Agent