Tips from the agile trenches

In 2001 the first book on Scrum was published. Since then thousands of people have been trained in scrum & other agile ways of working. In these 17 years, many people have gathered experience working with agile teams.

This book will collect wisdom of +60 agile experts around the world.  They have worked with all kind of teams. The first version was published after I had collected 10 tips. I republished for every new tip arriving. If you bu the book now, you will be able to download future version and  get all tips. Foreword by Jerry Weinberg.

Today the book contains these tips :
  • You will never arrive at THE destination (Naresh Jain)
  • Become a continuous learner and model that (Diana Larsen)
  • Ask for permission (Michael Sahota)
  • The scrum police are coming for you (or are they?) (Mike Cohn)
  • Manage the shape of your backlog (Shane Hastie)
  • Helping team members to solve impediments over solving impediments themselves (Ben Linders)
  • Different Ideas for Defect Management (Katrina Clokie)
  • Observe (Henrik Kniberg)
  • Why and How to Claim Wins For Personal and Team Power(Christopher Avery)
  • Know The Work (Johanna Rothman)
  • Question your teams intimacy (Karthik Kamal B)
  • Love your customer (Ardita Karaj)
  • Are You Really Doing It? (Jutta Eckstein)
  • Coaching By Listening (Yassal Sundman)
  • Learning is fun but can be painful (Aino Corry)
  • Facilitate learning (Clare Sudbery)
  • Enable growth (Rashina Hoda)
  • Create a high-bandwith work environment (Lisette Sutherland)
  • Arrive with your whole heart (Samantha Laing)
  • How to reduce groupthink in remote meetings (Judy Rees)
  • Becoming Better through the Community (Allison Pollard)
  • The evolutionary path from authority to agility (Linda Rising)
  • You are an informal leader – which leadership skills do you need? (Mina Boström Nakicenovic)
  • Becoming Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable (Michele Sliger)
  • Stop protecting your team (Jenni & Ole Jepsen)
  • Care about feedback (Emilie Franchomme)
  • Bypassing Binary Thinking for Better Understanding (George Dinwiddie)
  • Build Your Netwerk (Siddharta Govindaraj)
  • Turn Up the Good (Woody Zuill)
  • Be like a good parent (Nicole Belilos)
  • Two simple heuristics that will solve (most of) the problems you face as a Scrum Master (Vasco Duarte)
  • Processes should enhance people’s ability to work, not prevent it. (Angela Riggs)
  • Happy Storming (Chris Matts)
  • Silent dotvoting (Bart Vermijlen)
  • Study the agile manifesto (Yves Hanoulle)
Where to buy:

1) e-book version from tips from the trenchers on leanpub

2)An audio addition to the book. This audio book contains interviews with the people who wrote the tips. Buy the audio book here.

Written by Yves Hanoulle Creative Collaboration Agent