The Leadship Game

What do you expect from a leader?

That he goes away?
That she takes you strongly and firmly by the hand?
That he enforces the team spirit?
This book is the manual for a three-hour game, together we will try to find an answer to these questions. By practicing different leadership styles and approaches in our “playground”, you will gain insights about:

The different results that can be achieved by different approaches
Your own and others’ personal preferences
Group dynamic effects
We will give special attention to the link between these three themes and the daily practice of project teams. After the game, we will explain the three models and give you references to further reading for those who want to learn more.

Expected benefits of playing this game

This session lets you see what influence the leadership styles have on your team. It lets you reflect on the leadership style you wish to use or/and want to develop.The book also contains a texts about:

– PairCoaching
– Contemplation on leadership
– The Rose of Axes, applied on leadership
What did the authors hope to learn?

When we created this session, we hoped this would bring us one session closer in the integration between the two worlds we both live in. We selected these three kinds of leadership because these are the most extreme cases. A real situational leader would use the three leadership styles in different situations. By exaggeration the three styles the differences and uses of each style become much clearer for the participants.We have been playing this game around the world since 2004 and are happy to say that we learned that and so much more…

The workshop manual can be bought on leanpub

Written by Yves Hanoulle Creative Collaboration Agent