Our house in the Garden

This book tells our story how we organised the constructing of the house with a family of five. Two working parents and three teenagers with lot of hobbies.

When I wrote this book, I thought about Constructing Caro.

Together with her partner, and their two children Caro is constructing her own house.

Caro is 35 years old. Caro is a senior engineer. She uses her smartphone to organize her life and that of her family. She has been renting houses the last 13 years. Together with her partner they decided that they prefer constructing a house, over buying an already existing house. As they have two children that they want to also give attention during the construction phase, they decided that they will limit the work they will be doing themselves.

Caro motto is: always keep learning.

The online version of the book

If you think about constructing a house, this book is for you.