Community TIPS for hiring great people

This book is filled with examples of questions and techniques that you can use to select people. We like the examples yet they are only examples. Nothing else.
Yes we sometimes give an explanation why one of us likes or dislikes a particular question or technique. The idea is to inspire you.

The examples in this book might be perceived as if they are the best and the only way of doing things. Yes we know this is how books are typically promoted. Not this book.
There is not a thing as a best practice. The examples are suggestions. You will need to adapt them to your team’s context and needs.

Pick what you like. Combine the ideas whichever way you find useful. Experiment and evaluate. Evolve or throw away.

And please give us feedback, tell us what other ideas are useful to you.

Have fun! 

Online version of the book

That version is a preview of the book “published” through Google Drive. 

I decided to write this book, together with everyone who cares to join and make it available at this early stage. Even though it’s far from finished, community projects thrive on feedback. I believe in community, short feedback cycles, iterative incremental development, delivery and sharing knowledge. 

It’s also easier to distribute an URL than a pdf when you want feedback 🙂