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Since 2003 active member of the Agile Benelux Community. Since 2005 active in the global agile community.


the agile mindset

In the agile community, we focus a lot on techniques and methodologies that help us to do agile. Yet we all know people who do Agile by the book and who are not agile. Yes, people can do Agile and still not be agile. A lot of people struggle with what does it mean to truly BE agile?
In this talk , Yves hopes to inspire your audience with his ideas for an agile and lean mindset.
Duration: 60 - 90 min.
English / French / Dutch


Real Options

We live in a world of "getting to yes" or "a positive no"
Yet the world is no black & white.
I live in a world of options. I like to say yes to all the options and only decide about an option at the last responsible moment. In this talk we will teach you to do the same.

Real options is one of these agile tidbits that is applicable to all aspects of life.
1) a real option has a value
2) a real option expires
3) a real option has a cost

In this talk we will give you examples that will teach you how to apply real options to your life and projects.

Duration:  60 min.
English / French / Dutch


Failing forward: What I learned from burning down a house

Steps to fail fast and small, so you can survive failing


Celebrate Learning

Support People when they fail

Smaller steps

learn to handle feedback

When Yves burned down his parents house at age 19, it changed his life.
Much to everyone surprised, it changed his life, in the positive sense. In this presentation, he will share these lessons with your audience.

Duration: 15 – 30 – 45 min.
English / French / Dutch

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