Doc Norton on swapping between being a practitioner vs being a coach #WhoIsagile #wIa056

#Interview with Doc Norton  for the #video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa056)

We talked about

– Working with a large #toolbox
– Not being allowed to quit
– Freshman is age 15
– Having a coach that laughs at him
– #Crosscountry as a team sport
– Comparing the team sport of crosscountry with agile development
– #Scaling up the rest of a team
– Seeing a team not as #competitors but as a team
– Training as a pack
– Taking #responsibility for a family
– Swapping tapes at the early ages of computing
– Automating his own job
– The influence of #hobbies on his career path
– Investing 1/3 of his annual salary to buy a computer to invest in his career
– Including investing his time.
– Missed the opportunity by having #silos
– Creating a more #diverse team without taking away their opportunity.
– Why moving slow at large organisations is fine, and why that is bad at a small organisation.
– Having #practitioners side vs coaching side.
– I understand how much I don’t understand about coaching.
– It’s hard to #brag.
– His biggest achievement is a chain of many small things
– Keeping up with the industry
– He has pushed code in production in +30 languages
– He is stil #pairing with people.
– Learning Duolingo
– Five thing that are necessary
– automation over documentation
– One #remote, all remote
– Communication is like water
– Personal laptop and a work laptop
– No one survives the family order
– mob programming / teaming

Books we talked about :
– positive intelligence (Shirzad Chamine)
– extreme programming explained (Kent Beck
– Crystal Clear (Alistair Cockburn) (and doing crystal)
– US (Terrence Real )
– Families and how to survive them (John Cleese)
– Peoplemaking (Virginia Satir)
– Sooner safer happier (BVSSH) from Jonathan Smart
– Escape Velocity (Doc Norton)

We talk about
– Thoughtworks
– Daniel Terhorst-North
– Jez Humble
– Paul Hammant
– LeanDog
– Industrial Logic, Inc.
– Joshua Kerievsky 🇺🇦

Doc invites:

– Diane Zajac
– Nayan Hajratwala
– Woody Zuill
– Ellen Grove
– Jon Kern
– Daniel Terhort-North
– Amitai Schleier
– Ray Arell
– Ryan Kennel
– Paul Hammant
– Liz Keogh