Angie Doyle talks about her work in the board of directors of the agile alliance

#Interview with Angie Doyle  for the #video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa055)

We talked about
– Moving from #Johannesburg to #Hilversum / #Amsterdam
– Living near the media hub
– Paying for her own studies..
– How being #blamed for a bad system by a bad leader, influenced her #leadership style.
She argues very well.
– Reading the small letters in #contracts and finding errors.
– #Learning a new language is harder when people are older.
– Having a big #backlog.
– #SayingNo to things she is passionate about.
– Being in the board of directors of the Agile Alliance
– Being #ValueDriven.
– Not being afraid of having difficult #conversations.
– Making the agile #community more visible #divers.
– Privileges makes us take things for granted.
– #Empowering local communities
– Working in a board with different #timezones

– Taking the time for more exclusive words in a book.
– What is the one thing you wish you learned earlier.
– The difference between training, coaching #ORSCC
– New African voices
– Emerging economies initiative (from the AA)

We also talked about
Aanu Gopald
Bob Galen 🇺🇦
Angela (?)
Geike Hanoulle


Lead without Blame (Diana Larsen – Leadership Agility Advisor Larsen & Tricia Broderick – Leadership Advisor Broderick)

Angie invites

Chardi Taylor
– Ricardo Abella – MBA, PMP, CSP
– Nono Donsa
– Bevan Williams
– Ellen Grove
– Apeksha Patel