Companies we work for, are always a bit of a mystery according to Matteo Vaccari #WhoIsagile #WIa54

#Interview with Matteo Vaccari  for the #video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa054)

We talked about

– XpdaysBenelux is still the best agile #conference he went to.
– How he was inspired by Pascal Van Cauwenberghe & Vera Peeters
– Thoughtworks
– Workshop on #refactoring & #obfuscating code from Vera Peeters
(link on youtube)
– Susan Cain defintion on #introvert
– We always need to #learn
– Any company we work for is a bit a mysterie
– Getting feedback about what he does
– Underlying everything Matteo does is delivering excellence
– Delivering value beyond expectation is a #team sport
– Working on once self
– To unlock potential
– Everything we do is a compromise of a sort
– Fixed price, fixed stop is an agile work is possible.
(Great articles on the youtube video
– Sitting on the floor
– The range of movements we do when #camping is good for our health.
– Taking care of his back and staying healthy buy standing more…
– Our #furniture is created to avoid us making extreme movements
– We need #movement.
– Thinking beyond the basic qualities
– What are the qualities your product need?
– You need to optimise for the qualities your stakeholders care about
– Delivering the functional spec is the price to pay to stay into the game
– Being ahead of the qualities is what makes a #competitive product
– What if a single team is not enough to deliver to software
– Can we #collaborate less? ==> more async?
– No dashboard can give you the same advantage as #integrating software and seeing the software does more then last time…
– It’s not just how to organised the teams, it’s about how how you organise the companies

Personal Agility
Taking personal notes in a notebook, in a not digital way.

Remote tip
Not sitting in a chair while working at home
Either standing or sitting on the ground.

Books we talked abut:
– Quiet (Susan Cain)
– Principles of Software Engineering Management (Tom Gilb)
(Picture of Joppe Hanoulle & Tom)

Matteo invites Rob Sollars